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The TenTen Fiction Competition
ANNOUNCING The WordSmitten
A Short Story in exactly 1,010 words

Award-Winning Short Stories - The Winner and Finalists Announced!
We are pleased to feature the winners of the WordSmitten creative writing competitions for 2008 for both our annual events.

Our short story award winners for the TenTen competiton are featured in our creative writing section, Native Shore Fiction, presented under the wings of angels, perhaps, but most certainly under the watchful eye of our native curlew. Our flash fiction winners of the short-short fiction (micro fiction) awards are featured in our Storycove section. Each year we invite our audience of avid readers to join us in congratulating the winners of these events.

The 2008 WordSmitten's Storycove Flash Fiction Prize of $150.00 for best short fiction was awarded to Mukta Singh-Zocchi of Los Angeles, California. Her story is published this month.

The 2008 WordSmitten's TenTen Short Story Prize of $1,010.00 was awarded
to Lindsay Coppens, of Worchester, Massachusetts, for her story, Passing Days.

In addition, we are publishing our five finalists for this years award. Look for their stories soon.
Finalists for this creative writing event for 2008 are:
 Grace Marcus and Alan Sirois, Doylestown, PA, for their co-authored story titled, "No Show"
 Jerome Powell, San Diego, CA, for his story titled, "This Beauty"
 George Sheanshang, New York, NY, for his story titled, "New Gloom"
 Gila Tal-Green, Beit Shemesh, Israel, for her story titled, "The Costume Room" .

It is our policy to award these scholarships to writers for original, unpublished fiction that has not been recognized, published, or awarded any previous prize. We congratulate our 2008 winners for these outstanding short stories.

Next year's deadline is July 1.

What's the rule for the TenTen?

The Rule: Write a short story that requires exactly 1,010 words (excludes the title and footnotes). That's it. That's the rule. Excise those adverbs and cut those adjectives. Make us laugh or make us weep. Above all, pay rigorous attention to the word count. It's why we call this unique short story contest The TenTen. It's a challenge to be precise, be witty, be short. Sharpen your pencils and rev up your laptops for the TenTen 2009.

Previous winners of the $1,010.00 Fiction Prize include:
Andrew Davis, for his short story "Same Thing Only Different."
Maria Dahvana Headley. Her recent novel, The Year of Yes, rocked the house when broadcasting's Katie Couric interviewed her.


Fiction Judge: Noy Holland (THE SPECTACLE OF THE BODY)
CANNING DAY by Mary McNulty
Fiction Judge: Peter Meinke (THE PIANO TUNER)

WordSmitten Media's recent fiction judges include:
Janet Burroway, author of the revered textbook, Writing Fiction, and a renowned educator at Florida State University, now FSU's noted Professor Emerita.
Noy Holland, author of The Spectacle of the Body, educator, and head of the UMass creative writing program, helped us to select Maria Headley's story that evolved into the bestseller and a favorite novel for Katie Couric, MD Headley's The Year of Yes.
Peter Meinke, educator, poet, and author of
The Piano Tuner (Winner of the Flannery O' Connor Award in Short Fiction).
Thisbe Nissen, author of The Good People of New York & Osprey Island.
Michael C. White, professor of creative writing and author of The Garden of Martyrs, A Dream of Wolves, and other notable works of fiction.

Editor Nan A. Talese
Author Colleen Curran
Author Maria Headley
Maria Headley
One of WordSmitten's
Award Winning Authors

Deadline: July 1

WordSmitten, an international media company provides interviews, reviews, and news of interest to the publishing and writing communities. We invite all writers of literary fiction (and as much as we like a good romance and thriller to read, no other genre, sorry) to enter this annual competition.

The annual 1010 Fiction Award provides
a grant in the amount of $1010.00 to be awarded annually in late autumn.

Okay, there are more rules.
Requirements: Fiction previously unpublished, submitted through on-line procedures only, with a specific word count of exactly 1,010 words. No attachments.

All rights revert upon e-publication on our site, www.wordsmitten.com and winner will be notified by mail and/or by e-mail. If we are unable to reach the selected winner we will choose a runner up if we do not have current contact information on file. To register, read the guidelines and include a reading fee of $15.00. No multiple submissions. Literary fiction only.

Guidelines: We only accept submissions of on-line manuscripts until the deadline of July 1, 2009 and anything beyond that date will not be acknowledged or accepted. Participants must be 18 years on or before July 1, 2009.

Author's name should not appear on the manuscript under the title. The top of the e-mail should contain the title only.

Provide name, address, telephone number, and title at the bottom of the e-mail; PLACE this info at least five spaces past the end of the story.

IMPORTANT: In your e-mail's Subject Line,
include the words TenTen Fiction.

Ready to submit your TenTen Short Story to WordSmitten's 2009 competition? First, send your submission to storywordsmitten.com and include the Subject Header: TenTen Fiction. Then click on the PayPal logo at the bottom of this paragraph.

If you are not familiar with PayPal (a company owned by eBay and listed on the stock exchange) and prefer snail mail, then write to us for permission to mail your application.

To submit your story electronically, follow the PayPal instructions to process your reading fee of $15.00. Include your name, address, email, phone number, and your story title with your PayPal application. Use our registered e-mail address (awardwordsmitten.com) to complete your registration on PayPal.

To register now, click here:

Word Smitten - a Verified PayPal Company.


Storycove Award Winner Mukta Singh-Zocchi

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