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An Editor Searches for Hispanic Voices,
an interview with Marcela Landres
at Simon & Schuster
By Heather Harreld Havenstein
Word Smitten Correspondent

A Village Where Publishing Thrives
a profile of Algonquin Publishing
in North Carolina
By Heather Harreld Havenstein
Word Smitten Correspondent

An American Poet
an interview with our 2002 Fiction Judge
Peter Meinke, award winning author of The Piano Tuner,
By Lissette Vega (Summer Intern 2002)

Liquid Paper
a poem by author and poet Peter Meinke

Book Savvy Media Campaigns
an interview with Scott Manning
Manhattan Book Publicist for
CEO of the Sofa
By Kate Sullivan

Entertainment Attorney Peter Dekom
an interview with the co-author of the nonfiction book on new media to be released this June, titled Not On My Watch
By Kate Sullivan

Word Smitten's Storycove (Flash Fiction)
Native Shore Fiction (Short Stories)
Archived submissions: Honorary Mention and the 2002 Storycove winning entry. Lines We Like. Storycove and for the 1010 Fiction.

Word Smitten's
Summer Edition 2003


Read our exclusive interview with
Book Editor Brenda Copeland, who says,
“Atria has all the energy, enthusiasm, and imagination of a start-up with the tradition and the muscle of Simon & Schuster.”

Interviews Book Editor Brenda Copeland & Agent Eric Simonoff
Short Stories/Flash Fiction Motion & Definition of a Russian Quartet
Commentary Tips for Writers
Flash Fiction Competition The Storycove - Next year's deadline is May 1, 2004
Short Story Competition The TenTen - $1,010 award - TBA soon - Fall Edition!
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