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Maryanne Stahl
The Opposite Shore.

In her newest novel, Maryanne Stahl tackles a story of sisters who endure a sharply delineated emotional journey, where touchstone becomes travesty, and faith and familial bonds unravel.

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Maryanne Stahl
What's the buzz about this book?
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Atlanta Journal Constitution

By Hal Jacobs

Is it worse to lose your sister or your husband?

That's the question Maryanne Stahl poses
in "The Opposite Shore" (New American Library, $12.95 paperback) after a 40-something woman discovers her husband and sister locked in a kiss on her husband's sailboat. Rather than confront William and Anna, Rose moves to a nearby island community with her teenage daughter and rebuilds her life around her emerging painting career.

In alternating chapters, Stahl, a native New Yorker who lives near Atlanta, shows the weight of days and weeks pressing on her characters as a result of their choices.

Slowly, a sense of balance returns. And just as a stormy kiss shattered their relationships in the first place, a stormy sea brings everyone back together in an arrangement that no one could have foreseen.

Read more about the beginnings of this novel. Our European editor interviewed Maryanne Stahl to ask her to describe the process a writer encounters while writing the second novel. This interview by Brenda Townsend Hall compares two writers, two styles, and two novels and how they approach the craft of writing. Enjoy reading two completely different viewpoints from Maryanne Stahl and Louise Domaratius.

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