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On Contemporary Writing

:: Credit Photo Rhea Law

interviews and commentary

Author Jon Clinch :: FINN
an interview with the author
of the best-selling book about Huckleberry Finn's eternal and paternal legacies.
By Ann Cooper

Bad Behavior :: Nic Kelman and Girls
Haunting images in Kelman's book, do they reflect his true nature?
By Adrienne Mand Lewin

Novels with Flare (and Fleur)
an interview with Diane Leslie, author of
Fleur de Leigh's Life of Crime, and Fleur De Leigh in Exile.
(Simon and Schuster)
By Ann Cooper

Out of the Woods author Chris Offutt
Searching for truth, voice, and heroes,
Chris Offutt finds whip smart answers in jeans.
By Tim Ljunggren
:: Chris Offutt :: author of No Heroes ::

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt
Scribbling on paper and in the young minds
of the American generations, an interview with the author who once again made being Irish somewhat less obnoxious.
By Adrienne Mand Lewin

Book to Film
an interview with Peter Dekom, author of
Not On My Watch.
(New Millennium Press)

By Kate SullivanFrank McCourt author of Angela's Ashes

The Query Letter
By Todd James Pierce,
author of The Australia Stories
Important tips regarding
writing your cover letter.

The Labyrinth of Publishing
an interview with
Former book editor for the St. Petersburg Times
By Kate Sullivan

Book Savvy Media Campaigns
an interview with Scott MANNING
Manhattan book publicist for
CEO of the Sofa
By Kate Sullivan

Judging the Competition
an interview with Peter MEINKE,
a contemporary American poet and
author of The Piano Tuner
By Lissette Vega

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