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Winner of WordSmitten's 2007 Annual TenTen Short Story Award

Same Thing, Only Different
By Andrew Davis
:: Andrew Davis  :: Fiction Award Winner for 2007 ::

Andrew Davis brings his Illinois and Minnesota talents to WordSmitten and we are delighted to present him with the award of $1,010.00 for
"Same Thing, Only Different"
--his winning short story.
A story of relationships pulling on a thin thread
of time and chance.

- The Editors and Fiction Panel
WordSmitten's Annual TenTen Short Story Award

Author Janet Burroway, 2007 Fiction Judge

About the Writer

Andrew Davis, selected by our readers and our fiction panel for WordSmitten's 2007 Annual TenTen Short Story Award, also writes under another name for all the reasons that drove Samuel Clemens, Stephen King, and Shelley Singer to adopt a striking new persona. We are grateful to him for stepping outside the phone booth, discarding his Clark Kent duds, and letting us see what is behind the glasses. We expect great things from him. We are encouraged that he was more concerned than we were, after all the chaos and nonsense with this year's event, that we select a writer who merits the $1,010.00 short story award. We have no doubt that our final selection properly completes the process. Join us in congratulating Andrew Davis, for his award-winning short story, Same Thing, Only Different.

Andrew Davis Bio

I was born in 1958 in the black dirt country of Central Illinois to parents who, in all honesty, should have never been married. That did not stop them from having three more children.

During my childhood and adolescence we relocated 16 times, each move a little bit farther north until I ended up graduating from high school in northeastern Wisconsin. While in college I met and married my wife. For the next twenty-seven years I was a part of the adult working population.

During this time I was always writing to some degree. Like many people I had traded what I felt was my vocation for a career. It was always a dream, a hope, to find a way to make a living writing.

The self-inflicted pressures of everyday living plus the birth and upbringing of a son, now 14, took time and effort. The desire to write was always there, but the actual putting of words to paper was sporadic. Twenty five years ago I was a runner-up in a fiction contest in Minneapolis. I have published a number of articles in trade magazines.

Eight years ago, tiring of city life and wanting a big more rustic childhood for our son we relocated to the bluffs and valleys of southeastern Minnesota, the corner of the state not rubbed flat by the glaciers.

The transition from big city to a town of 1020 went well. In only a few years we grew tired of town living and have since moved to the country.

I am doing what I can to change. I write regularly for the local paper, as the city council correspondent. I sit on the library board of directors. I spend as much time as I can putting words on paper and attempting to perfect my craft. Hopefully it won’t take twenty-five more years to receive some recognition.

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The winner of WordSmitten's
Annual TenTen Award for Fiction.

:: 2007 Winning Short Story :: Same Thing, Only Different

Andrew Davis

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