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Hollywood vs. the Future

Author Peter Dekom
Co-Author Peter Sealey
:: Peter Dekom and Peter Sealey :: Co-authors of  Not On My Watch ::

New Millennium Press - Boston, MA

Released: July 2003
Retail Price: $26

Information Compiled By Dede Bergen
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Twenty-first century technology, computer wizardry, digital effects, and easy Internet accessibility bring exciting new options to the Hollywood entertainment establishment — and these same dazzling techno miracles threaten to ruin Hollywood and its control over the media product that the public spends billions on every year.

In Peter Dekom's exciting new Hollywood technology expose, he details the catastrophe that 21st century Hollywood faces. In a broadband-Internet, easy-access world, any teenager can download and pass around as much free music, film and media as he can handle. Peter Dekom's new clarion call to Hollywood describes this dark challenge that all owners of media now face, and explains in simple layman's terms how Hollywood can react effectively, meet the entertainment needs of a dissatisfied public tired of being fed the same old product, and still hold on to profits and market shares. (From Bookstrip.com)

Dekom and Sealey have sealed their reputations as provocative thinkers. In this book, they provide much-needed insights into - and possible solutions for - today's digital world. You may not agree with their conclusions, but the facts speak for themselves.

A must-read for anyone in the media or technology business.

- Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Zelnick Media.

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