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WordSmitten feeds and nurtures both starving writers and stray critters with your support. Help us raise funds to increase our annual fiction awards. Your gifts support the Storycove Flash Fiction Awards and the TenTen Short Story Awards. Our annual awards are given to deserving writers of original, unpublished, and as yet unrecognized short fiction.

Our recent award-winning writer, Maria Headley, completed her TenTen competition submission, won the award, and completed a novel based upon that short story. That manuscript, The Year of Yes, became a bestselling debut novel. Your support of WordSmitten gives support to others.

Support our sponsors so that we'll be able to support you. Enjoy these gifts. Visit WordSmitten often and give joy.
Each gift that you give supports our efforts to support writers.

the bipolar bears
are back! Great design by Paul Federico.Order from Cafe Press
for fast delivery.
book light
found at most book shops and online at Target.

manuscript satchel for those who are wordsmitten

Order from Cafe Press for fast delivery.

our crazy cat lady plastic action figure asks, how many cats do you have?
We say, not enough.

giant fuzzy microbe
for the sassy and talented who fear nothing but rejection letters

wordsmitten searches for gifts that amuse and entertain. Really, who needs another tie.

.:: wordsmitten.com brings you whimsical gifts for the season ::.


Let there be light. This floor lamp with great tassel shade is just so Dorothy Parker, we can't flip the switch fast enough. Target has these online and they fit our budgets.

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Florida Monthly (FM) Magazine.
Enjoy a monthly subscription for a magazine that brings you statewide festivals, kayaking and hiking trails, great recipes for tropical meals, and a shot of sunshine on your doorstep each month. Subscribe to our sponsor's great magazine. Click here for more information:
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Simply Audio Books.
With each Special Order CD from the list below, you'll receive a free one-month subscription from our sponsor, Simply Audio Books.
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New York City's public library features two great literary lions and this shirt is our homage to both lions, Prudence and Patience. On the shirt front is: Literary Lions enjoy WordSmitten.com the back is plain.

Credit photo and artwork:
WordSmitten Media, Inc.

Other Great Gift Ideas

Click Gift Box #1 to order manuscript satchels, mugs, calendars, and apparel from WordSmitten's Cafe Press store.
#1 Great Gift-Manuscript Satchel

Click Gift Box #2 to order a CD with WordSmitten's infamous radio broadcast interview. Listen to the "dog bites man" conversation with Oprah-pick author
Connie May Fowler and
radio host Kate Sullivan.

#2 Great Gift-DogBitesMan

Click Gift Box #3 to order tickets for WordSmitten's
Writing Workshops
at discounted prices.
#3 Great Gift-Get Me Motivated

Click Gift Box #4 to order the WordSmitten's Query Letter Workbook used exclusively at our Writing Workshops.

#4 Great Gift-Write the Query Letter

    Exclusive Interviews from
    our radio shows, broadcast
    on NPR's 88.9 Tallahassee,
    WTIS, WOCA, and WRBH in New Orleans.

    Not available for holiday delivery. These are special order CDs.

    To order these great shows, email us with the code/item and we'll send you the details.

    Email us: story(@)wordsmitten.com and let us know what show is your favorite. We'll send you a two-minute MP3 for free. Or, order the entire interview for $9.95 plus shipping. A great gift.

    Special Order Items.

    Enjoy these CDs with 15-minute conversations with your favorite authors and publishing executives.

  • CMF2007: Oprah-pick author Connie May Fowler discusses working with her editors.
  • MG2007: Michael Gannon writes the history of Florida in 40 minutes.
  • JS2007: Author Joseph Skibell discusses zaftig women and his travels to Paris.
  • NH2007: Nancy Horan, author of "Loving Frank" encourages writers to form critique groups.
  • SS2007: Author Shelley Singer describes the process she uses to nurture new writers.


Ernest Hemingway, fond of cats, named each one. Some of Hemingway's great cat names are on this shirt including Dillinger, Crazy Cat, and Willy. Part of WordSmitten's Almost Famous Cats Series. Wear it while playing with your CRAZY CAT LADY action figure.
We won't tell.

  • Select your bookbag from designs that include WordSmitten's
    Storycove Island Writer's Shack
  • Our famous cover, Bipolar Bears, from the cover of WordSmitten Quarterly Journal's issue that featured an exclusive interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Frank McCourt.
  • WordSmitten's notable Writing Workshops Bookbag.
  • Snarling Grizzly Literary Agent (we love this one, cuz we love litagents!)

Shown here: Storycove Island Writer's Shack
Bipolar Bears art courtesy of
New York City's notable art director, Paul Federico (and yes, we give him money for this!)

L.E.D. Party Flares, you party animals.


The best gift of all? Give your writing spouse a great vacation and writing conference. Travel to St. Augustine, Florida and attend the
Below Sea Level
Full Immersion Writing Workshop

Sponsored and hosted by the notable and witty Oprah-pick author, Connie May Fowler. Conference faculty: Joy Harris, Literary Agent and Kate Sullivan, Editor of WordSmitten,
Laura van den Berg, Editor-in-chief of Redivider and AE of Ploughshares Literary Journal.

Do you have to ask what this is?
Okay, we didn't know either. But, we think it works as
a really cool light for reading
under the covers at night.

Help Me, Rhonda. This drain stopper may goose the dog while getting a bath, but we think the tropical blue is smashing.




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