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Native Shore Fiction

the contemporary short story

:: Native Shore Fiction's Mascot: The Rare Curlew ::


We are pleased to feature the work of previous winners
of our
TenTen Award
for Fiction

::: Fiction :::

:: Maria D. Headley
:: author of
:: And This One Is Just Right

:: Fiction Judge
:: Noy Holland

On Maria's new book:

"I LOVE this book!"
--Katie Couric, The Today Show 1/20/2006

Additionally we have named two writers in our special mention category. More than anything, we enjoy stories that highlight human folly, stories that contain twisted endings and aberrant satire.

Good stories about life, love and idiosyncrasies.

We are announcing our 2008 winner this month, so check back for the finalists and the winner of this year's award.

Our winner for 2007, Andrew Davis, continues to write to us to let us know about his progress with his writing career.

Also, we congratulate Maria on the publication of her first novel,
The Year of Yes
(hardcover: Hyperion; January 2006; $22.95US/$29.95CAN; 1401302300)

Maria Dahvana Headley And This One Is Just Right
Award for Fiction Contest Prize: $1,010.00
Honorable Mention Click to read these stories:
Elizabeth Heider :: Busting Out
Cynthia Stroman :: Choosing
Christopher Learned :: She Paid for the Night
Sally Haxthow :: The Tulips
Special Mention The Human Folly Factor
Mary Heider :: An Offer
Cyndi Wish

:: Brad

Honorary Mention- TenTen Fiction 2002 (Alphabetically by Author)

By Scott Jagow
2002 TenTen Finalist

By MaryAnne LoVerme
2002 TenTen Finalist

By Mary McNulty
Winner: TenTen Fiction Award


By Chad Norton
2002 TenTen Finalist

By Michael L. Trombetta
2002 TenTen Finalist

Native Shore Fiction - for the short story

You've just arrived in a wooden skiff or a rusty schooner to
Native Shore Fiction, where we link to writers who give us a short trot through cultured minds and wayward settings.

:: Native Shore Fiction ::
At WordSmitten, we look forward to seeing short stories from every native shore. It does not matter if you have never seen the sea and breathe only inland waves of wheat or rye. Share your innermost native shore with us.

Welcome to Word Smitten's newest department for short stories and novel excerpts. To launch this department, we selected a new symbol, a rare shorebird known as the slim-billed curlew. We have yet to name this shore bird. Give us your suggestions. Welcome to Native Shore Fiction.




Welcome to WordSmitten

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We write with the porch light on, expecting at any moment
that either truth or irony will appear on the doorstep.

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