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:: $1,010.00 Fiction Award::

Writer Recovers from Sore Throat after
winning a $1,010.00 Award

Author and fiction judge Noy Holland
selects short story
And This One Was Just Right
as winner of the WordSmitten TenTen Annual Fiction Competition
:: Maria D. Headley wins $1010.00 fiction award ::

St. Petersburg, FL - Seattle resident Maria Dahvana Headley quickly recovered from her ailment when the editors of WordSmitten contacted her to announce she had won $1,010.00 for the annual award for fiction.

In accepting the award for her winning short story of one-thousand-ten words, Headley stated she felt better than she had in weeks.

Award winning author and educator Noy Holland presided as fiction judge for this year's event. In selecting Headley's short story from hundreds of writers' entries, Holland noted, "I think the story titled And This One is Just Right tackles a big subject, without being over-anxious, to provide too much present or historical detail. It dilates nicely, patiently, reveals itself gradually, and the language is careful and energetic. The competition between mother and daughter was intense, but not overwrought; there was room in this, pleasingly, for the accidental blessing."

Holland, a professor at the UMASS, teaches creative writing and is noted for her unique collection of short stories titled The Spectacle of the Body.

Read the winning story: http://www.wordsmitten.com/2003native_fictionwinner.htm and learn what it takes to rapidly recover from a tonsillectomy.

WordSmitten sponsors an annual short story competition, The TenTen, named for its matching word count of 1,010 words and its monetary award of $1,010.00 -- and publishes news and interviews with legendary literary agents, book editors, and publishing executives. WordSmitten sponsors two fiction competitions with notable authors invited to preside as fiction judges for the annual events. To read award-winning flash fiction, visit www.wordsmitten.com/2003storycove_toc.htm and discover British writer John Ravenscroft's Walking Upside Down.

For more information, visit www.wordsmitten.com -- an innovative source for book publishing news. WordSmitten Media, Inc. is home to The Storycove (flash fiction) and Native Shore Fiction (short story) departments.

Guidelines for the fiction events for both the Storycove and the TenTen are available online at www.wordsmitten.com/fiction.html or by mailing a request. Request guidelines by snail mail for either the TenTen or The Storycove Flash Fiction Competition (and include SASE) by writing to WordSmitten Media, Attn: Fiction Coordinator , Box 5067, St. Petersburg, FL 33737-5067.

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Welcome to WordSmitten

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