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Author Susan R. Braden's book

Author Susan R. Braden appears at WordSmitten Writing Workshops

Writing on the Gulf Coast of Florida


Writing Workshop Series
The people, the books,
the business of writing.

Register to attend our fun and informative Saturday workshops. Discover how to develop creative ideas, turn them into a novel, short story, memoir, or magazine article. Attend each workshop as part of the series or select from a workshop that fits your professional writing objectives. Recent classes covered these topics:

people: editors, authors, book publicists, publishers, magazine editors

Susan R. Braden :: Janet Burroway::Roy Peter Clark::
Jane Friedman::Margo Hammond::Marcela Landres::
Scott Manning::Robert Plunkett::Elaine Fantle Shimberg::Alison Steele::Kate Sullivan::
Abigail Thomas::Tom Valeo:: Lynn Wiese::Jon Wilson::

the books

The Architecture of Leisure::Writing Tools
::Raw Silk::Writing Fiction::The Search for Warren Harding::Freelance Writing::The Three Dog Life ::Safekeeping::The Problem With Murmur Lee::

the business of writing

book proposals::query letters::synopsis::manuscript revision::book publicity::promotion::book marketing::literary agent query::outline::chapter::genre::literary fiction::high modern::memoir::non-fiction books::copyright law::intellectual property::contract law::foreign rights::literary permission::international distribution::publishers::booksellers
::channel distribution::Ingram::B&T::Harper::Viking
::Simon&Schuster::Doubleday::Random House::Knopf



Author Janet Burroway

Janet Burroway

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WordSmitten's mascot,
Denouement Dylan
in a quiet moment*
with The New York Times
Crossword Puzzle
while listening to interviews
with authors on "About the Books"

*[French dénouement, from Old French desnouement, an untying, from desnouer, to undo : des-, de- + nouer, to tie (from Latin ndre, from ndus, knot; see ned- in Indo-European roots).] Our motto with Dylan is "Learn to Love Fringe" and his ability to untie and tie knots is uncanny.

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Author and Poet Peter Meinke


Peter Meinke


:: Peter Meinke, author and poet.
Winner of the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction.

His new book, The Contracted World, an award-winning new edition that was released this year, is one of his best. Check back for the WordSmitten podcast of this radio broadcast.



WordSmitten Writing Workshop Series

Writers meeting writers, editors, and
book publishing executives.



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Tune in each week for discussions with regional Florida authors as well as nationally known literary authors, editors, and publishing executives. Our WSM Radio Broadcasts are available for download (RSS) on BlogTalkRadio.com/wordsmitten on Sunday afternoons at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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